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Fantasy Covers: The '80s Part Two

Featuring: Jenny Hval, Friendzone, ARMS, Miracle Fortress, .L.W.H., Dream Jefferson, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Jessica Jalbert, Hood Internet, New Animal, Algodón Egipcio, Little Jungles…

Apr 30, 2012

Fantasy Podcasts

Fantasy Covers: Contest 2011

Featuring reader-submitted covers of songs by Can, David Bowie, Katy Perry, Felt, LCD Soundsystem, Paul Simon, Beyonce, Talking Heads, Magnetic Fields, Thom Yorke, and more…

Mar 18, 2011

Fantasy Podcasts

Fantasy Covers: 2008

Our third annual comp of exclusive covers: AGF, Wye Oak, Stars Like Fleas, Pale Young Gentlemen, Dirt Dress, Roommate, Laura Barrett, Mason Proper…

Dec 22, 2008