AZ f/ Nas: "Serious"


By Chet Betz | 9 January 2008

4.A.3. Procedures regarding song removal (continued)

Refer first to 4.A.2 for the characteristics of a song that should be removed from the tracklist; if there is still some doubt as to whether the song should be kept on the tracklist, consider the following questions:

Does the song have a thoroughly percussive boom-bap beat by Salaam Remi?
If the answer is yes, the song should be kept. If no, one should ask one's self whether the beat is by a producer better than Salaam Remi. If the answer is yes, the song should be kept. If no, is the beat still thoroughly percussive and a "banger"? In case of uncertainty, ask your supervisor or e-mail

Does the song represent a potential improvement and role fulfillment in the pertinent tracklist?
This could be considered a complex and loaded question. First, one should identify the tracklist as "hip-hop" or "other." If hip-hop, one should determine whether the artist is newjack or veteran. If newjack, keep the song, it can be forgivingly written off as debut filler. If veteran, is he/she a golden age veteran? If not, mere quality standards have to be met. If golden age veteran, does the context of the artist's tracklist point to a "comeback" functioning on the same principles of success that formed the foundation of the artist's "glory days"? Does the song aid the reminding purpose of this "comeback"? If so, keep the song. If the tracklist isn't "hip-hop" to begin with, you are in the wrong department.

Does the song feature Nas?
If yes, what the hell are you scratching your head about, keep the song, twit.