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By Scott Reid | 14 December 2014

Art: Alana Louise, Two Wolves / Death Cults: An Illustrated Guide for Children

This almost entirely rap-centric mix—featuring no less than three artists in our staff’s AOTY-less top 10 of 2014…though you’ll have to check back this Friday for clarification on that—is our final CMGcast of the year, but not the last podcast; our annual No Big Hair comp is still coming up later this month. That’s well into our staff’s weeks-long literal hibernation, though, so while we hope you enjoy this podcast and the NBHcast our lab technician will kindly set live on Monday the 29th, we’ll soon be much too metabolically depressed in our sleep chambers to give a shit.

May December be kind to the conscious:

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1. Vince Staples: “Nate”

2. Zeroh: “Qui Tombre” [section]

  • (3:28 – 3:37)
  • from Pool Party: Original Still Picture Soundtrack (Self-released; 2014)
  • horez.bandcamp.com

3. Isaiah Rashad: “Soliliquy”

4. Ratking: “Remove Ya” / “Snow Beach” [sections]

5. .L.W.H.: “Dat Bitch (f/ Uptown Greg)”

6. Ricky Eat Acid: “What Do U Wanna Do Today?” [section]

7. Flying Lotus: “Masquatch (f/ DOOM)”

8. Shabazz Palaces: “Soundview” / “Ishmael”

9. Boogie: “Black Males (f/ Epicmustdie)”

10. Black Milk: “Scum (f/ Sean Price & Guilty Simpson)”

11. Your Old Droog: “Nutty Bars”

12. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: “Uno” / “Watts (f/ Big Time Watts)” [section]

13. Open Mike Eagle: “Golden Age Raps”

14. Serengeti: “Damn Dz” [intro] / “No Beginner”

15. Noah23: “Tearz in Heaven (f/ Swag Toof)”

16. Zeroh: “Loco” [intro]

  • (42:15 – 42:17)
  • from Pool Party: Original Still Picture Soundtrack (Self-released; 2014)
  • horez.bandcamp.com

17. Oneohtrix Point Never: “Meet Your Maker”

18. Clark: “Silvered Iris”