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By Scott Reid | 2 May 2014

Art: Sang Hyuk Yoon / Dima Tolkachov

CMGcast 142, a very special summer’s-on-the-way! ode to dark psychedelic pop, vapourwave, electronic, hip-hop, anxiety dreams, ambient, field recordings, woozy “sound sculptures”, smash cuts, and experimental doom metal, is dedicated to taking early stock of the year in music.

Is 2014 off to great start? Has it been just another horrid shitshow in what seems like a never-ending onslaught of disappointments in your life? What have you been enjoying the most so far, what’s being slept on, what did you suffer through once and will never hear again if you can help it, all that good stuff—let us know in the comments section below, and enjoy a mix that will steer your dreams in some pretty intense places if you put it on repeat with headphones, just saying:

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1. Circulatory System: “If You Think About it Now”


3. Todd Terje: “Svensk Sås”

4. Millie & Andrea: “Spectral Source” [intro] / “Quay”

5. Andrew Broder: “Visinvisible Side 1” [section]

6. Aesop Rock: “The Blob” [section]

7. Nmesh: “Public Radio International” [section]

8. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: “Supplier” / “Real” [section]

  • (14:24 – 16:21)
  • from Piñata (Madlib Invazion; 2014)
  • rappcats.com

9. Prodigy & Alchemist: “Intro” / “Stay Dope” / “Curb Ya Dog” [outro]

10. Raekwon: “The Living Room” [section]

11. The Range: “Two” [intro] / “Tricky Pose” [section]

12. Nmesh: “Favourite Things” [section]

13. Matthewdavid: “In My World” [section]

14. Nmesh: “Irregularly Scheduled Programming” [section]

15. Blue Sky Black Death: “II” [section]

  • (24:44 – 29:39)
  • from Glaciers (Fake Four Inc.; 2014)
  • bsbdmusic.com

16. Teebs: “Mondaze”

17. Fatima Al Qadiri: “Forbidden City”

18. Fennesz: “Static Kings”

  • (32:58 – 37:46)
  • from Bécs (Editions Mego; 2014)
  • fennesz.com

19. Nmesh: “Dream Sequins®” [section]

20. Klara Lewis: “Muezzin” [intro] / “c a t t” [section]

21. Hauschka: “Thames Town”

22. Andrew Broder: “Visinvisible Side 2” [section]

23. The Body: “Our Souls Were Clean”