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By Scott Reid | 30 May 2014

Art: John Knuth, Faded Siren

CMGcast 143, an ode to early summer that I promise gets significantly less confrontational after the first song, is dedicated to this lovely bit of news: Frog Eyes’ Carey’s Cold Spring, our staff’s pick for Best Album of 2013, is getting a physical release on CD and limited-edition purple vinyl this June via Paper Bag. They’ll also be releasing a book of essays, Clouds of Evil, that Mercer compiled for his son (sample title: “A Story About the Time I Broke Up Wolf Parade, a Popular Independent Rock Band, by Starring in Their Music Video and Accepting One Thousand of Their Dollars”).

If you’re on the fence, please, revisit Conrad’s review of the album, as well as Brent’s excellent year-end piece, and know that bands rarely ever clench our AOTY spot so dominantly. Well—actually, one other band comes to mind, and the first eight minutes of this podcast are a pretty brutal reminder of why:

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1. Swans: “Oxygen”

2. Carla Bozulich: “Drowned to the Light”

3. Chad VanGaalen: “Cosmic Destroyer”

4. EMA: “Satellites”

  • (14:58 – 19:14)
  • from The Future’s Void (Matador/City Slang; 2014)
  • thefuturesvoid.net

5. múm: “Candlestick”

  • (19:15 – 22:43)
  • from Smilewound (Morr Music; 2013)
  • mum.is

6. Hundred Waters: “Cavity”

7. Klara Lewis: “Aver”

8. Glasser: “Shape (Hyetal remix)”

9. Wye Oak: “Shriek”

10. Baths: “Ocean Death”

11. Owen Pallett: “The Riverbed”

12. Weaves: “Do You See Past”

13. Dilly Dally: “Next Gold”