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By Scott Reid | 19 October 2014

Art: Keaton Henson

This is our Halloween mix, I guess, mostly by default. There really isn’t anything especially “spooktacular” or “ghoulsome” about it, at least as far as CMGcasts go—hell, if you really want to confuse the shit out of some costumed strangers on your doorstep, may I recommend this podcast from the sweaty depths of last summer—but it’ll suffice: eye of newt and cauldrons of hell-broth; “chainsmoking nightmares”; chasing beasts; getting sick on psychedelic brewsicles; caskets; “strange signs in the sky”; french owls; collapsing empires; being “swallowed and shit, then swallowed again”; NSA spies; shifting underwater landmasses; mysterious strangers; what could probably be considered “night bus,” or maybe not, I mean who knows with this stuff anymore; and Demdike Stare. Invest in some powerful outdoor speakers, bring your own toe of frog, and crank this until hoards of people show up in Ebola-themed HazMat suits demanding tiny snacks:

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1. Viet Cong: “Continental Shelf”

2. Andy Stott: “Faith in Strangers”

3. Zeroh: “Envoûter” [section] / “Chouette” [section]

  • (8:55 – 2:15)
  • from Pool Party: Original Still Picture Project (Self-released; 2014)
  • horez.bandcamp.com

4. Mozart’s Sister: “Salty Tear”

5. Samiyam: “Waves” [section] / “Wooden Backhand” [section] / Dream (Green Feelings)” [section]

6. Black Milk: “Gold Piece (f/ Bun B)”

  • (15:22 – 18:51)
  • from If There’s a Hell Below (Computer Ugly; 2014)
  • blackmilk.biz

7. Demdike Stare: “Past Majesty” [section]

8. Kode9 & Spaceape: “Chasing a Beast”

9. Ian William Craig: “Sennelier” [intro]

10. The Bug: “Fall (f/ Copeland)”

11. Aphex Twin: “CIRCLONT6A (Syrobonkus Mix)” [section] / “Fz pseudotimestretch+e+3” [intro]

12. Noah23: “Ayahuasca Popsicle”

13. Hieroglyphic Being and the Configurative or Modular Me Trio: “Strange Signs in the Sky” [section]

14. Black Milk: “Gold Piece” [outro]

  • (32:52 – 33:08)
  • from If There’s a Hell Below (Computer Ugly; 2014)
  • blackmilk.biz

15. Lapalux: “Movements I, II & III

  • (33:09 – 39:52)
  • single (Brainfeeder; 2014)
  • lapalux.com

16. NehruvianDOOM: “Caskets” [outro]

17. Perfume Genius: “Grid”

18. James Ferraro: “SUKI GIRLZ 11” / “SUKI GIRLZ 22 1”

  • (42:44 – 44:07)
  • from SUKI GIRLZ (Self-released; 2014)

19. Holly Herndon: “Home”