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By Scott Reid | 17 November 2014

Art: J.R. Eyerman / Thomas Hoepker / Freya Clijmans

As December quickly approaches and the Glow’s staff prepares to congregate back at the CMG mansion—to the dusty but lavishly furnished secret backrooms where we isolate ourselves each year, our every waking moment spent in heated arguments, often Mac DeMarco-related, as we hash out our favorite records of the year (and also, intermittently, have Alan examine our various rashes and lumps, the severity of each communicated through Weezer analogies; e.g. “that’s a real Hurley you’ve got there, pal”)—we give you the first of three biweekly CMGcasts to wrap up the year. This one’s by far the most ambient-heavy of the three, and best suited for your increasingly frigid morning commutes—be it to work or school or, I don’t know, a remote mansion somewhere in northern Canada perhaps, whatever:

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1. Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler: “The White Balloon”

2. Ian William Craig: “Either Or”

3. Gordon Ashworth: “Norma”

4. Arca: “Wound” / “Held Apart” [outro]

5. Last Ex: “Hotel Blues”

6. Hiss Tracts: “Beijing-bullhorn / dopplered light…”

7. Dirty Beaches: “Displaced”

8. Bitchin Bajas: “Bueu” [section]

9. Ricardo Donoso: “A Song for Echo Part III

10. Christina Vantzou: “Sister”

11. yMusic: “Balance Problems (Nico Muhly)”

12. Jon Hopkins: “Form by Firelight (f/ Raphaelle Standell)”

13. Torn Hawk: “She Happens”

  • (42:07 – 47:04)
  • from Let’s Cry and Do Pushups at the Same Time (Mexican Summer; 2014)
  • tornhawk.com

14. nima: “Luv’s Infinite Cinema” [section]