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By Scott Reid | 11 August 2014

First, the artwork for this CMGcast comes from our Instagram, Old Records. Old Carpets.—which, yes, is exactly what the name promises. Here’s a few other examples of why it’ll quickly become your new go-to source for pictures of old records placed on top of old carpets and perhaps occasionally a rug or something, fuck it:

…and there’s plenty more old things where that came from.

Second, this CMGcast is also dedicated to the Kickstarter for Fog (aka Andrew Broder)’s next album—his official follow-up to 2007’s excellent Ditherer, an album fawned over quite a bit around here. As of this podcast going live (August 11), there’s still time—though not much—to preorder the album and get in on the exclusive stuff like posters, shirts, hand-made art, all the way up to Andrew remixing your song or painting a mural on your wall of choice. You can hear a demo of a gorgeous new song at the top of the Kickstarter page, conveniently, and also dead-center of this podcast, somewhat less conveniently, but boy does it tie together this summer-muggily-and-indifferently-galumphs-forward mix perfectly:

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1. Shabazz Palaces: “Divine of Form [clip]” / “Forerunner Foray”

2. Adult Jazz: “Idiot Mantra”

3. Blonde Redhead: “Dripping”

4. How to Dress Well: “Childhood Faith in Love (Everything Must Change, Everything Must Stay the Same)”

  • (11:50 – 15:36)
  • from “What Is This Heart?” (Domino/Weird World; 2014)
  • whatisthisheart.com

5. FKA twigs: “Pendulum”

6. Lydia Ainsworth: “White Shadows”

7. OOIOO: “Jesso Testa”

8. Perfume Genius: “Queen”

9. Lætitia Sadier: “Then I Will Love You Again”

10. Circulatory System: “No Risk”

11. Fog: “untitled (demo)”

12. Tim Hecker: “Amps, Drugs, Mellotron”

13. Jenny Hval & Susanna: “I Have Walked This Body”

14. Millie & Andrea: “Corrosive”