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By Scott Reid | 21 February 2014

Art: Bryan Olson

With love to everyone involved in this, our most indie rock-centric mix in ages, CMGcast #139 is dedicated to…a picture of J Mascis from Dinosaur Jr. holding, yes, a Big Muff pillow:

Because if that doesn’t get you in the mood for an indie rock CMGcast, fuck it, I don’t know what will:

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1. Each Other: “Send Your Signals”

2. Chad VanGaalen: “Where Are You”

3. Wye Oak: “The Tower”

4. Adult Jazz: “Springful”

5. The War on Drugs: “Red Eyes”

  • (16:52 – 21:41)
  • from Lost in the Dream (Secretly Canadian; 2014)
  • thewarondrugs.net

6. Blank Realm: “Falling Down the Stairs”

7. Beverly: “Honey Do”

  • (27:45 – 29:48)
  • from Kanine Record Store Day Compilation (Kanine; 2014)
  • kaninerecords.com

8. The Courtneys: “Lost Boys”

9. Youth Lagoon: “Worms”

10. Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra: “Little Ones Run”

  • (39:55 – 42:28)
  • from Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything (Constellation; 2014)
  • tra-la-la-band.com

11. The Hidden Cameras: “Year of the Spawn”