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No Big Hair 2014

By Scott Reid | 29 December 2014

Art: Ivan Solyaev / Nick Howard

We’re prepping this No Big Hair podcast in early December, before our Unison / Harmony staff feature goes live and we peacefully slip into what our mansion’s lab technician calls an “induced hibernation,” which sounds harsh but, as he’s been assuring us, it’s much closer to an extended nap than full-on coma. So, barring some unprecedented global cyber war that suspiciously leaves only the Wikipedia page for Bruce Vilanch standing amongst smoldering blog debris, or a super delayed Y2K-style catastrophe that ends with appliances learning to stab, we give you our final piece of year-endery: 17 great songs from this year by artists who, for the most part, are relatively new, or sometimes just on small labels, or no label, and who are in any case more under-the-radar than they deserved to be in 2014. Enjoy—and see you in the new year, probably, depending on his how this suspended animation thing goes:

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1. What Moon Things: “Sun, Where’s the Fire”

2. Dilly Dally: “Next Gold”

3. Weaves: “Do You See Past”

4. Last Ex: “Resurrection Drive Part I”

5. The Gotobeds: “Fast Trash”

6. Priests: “New”

  • (14:41 – 16:53)
  • from Bodies and Control and Money and Power EP (Sister Polygon/Don Giovanni; 2014)
  • priests.bandcamp.com

7. Saint Pepsi: “Gin City” [section]

8. Dirt Dress: “Revelations”

9. Each Other: “Swell Patterns”

10. The Courtneys: “Lost Boys”

11. Nmesh: “Favorite Places”

12. Ricky Eat Acid: “God Puts Us All in the Swimming Pool”

13. nima: “New City Grip”

14. Lydia Ainsworth: “PSI

15. Jenny Gillespie: “Lift the Collar”

16. Gordon Ashworth: “Desperate and Indebted”

17. Klara Lewis: “Clearing”