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By Scott Reid | 14 February 2012

Art: Guillermo Kuitca, Festspielhaus Bayreuth + The Old Vic

With love and thanks to all of the artists involved, I give you NBHcast 18: another nearly fifty minutes of No Big Hair greatness, all of it dedicated to improving your Valentine’s day, yes, but also to an early taste of our forthcoming Fantasy Covers podcast The ’80s, Part Two. (If you haven’t already checked out the mighty Part One, stop dicking around already.)

We can’t reveal many details until we get closer to posting the podcast this spring (and I mean that literally; Toph memorized and then destroyed the only known tracklist, and he’s hanging out in the secret CMG bunker for the winter), but there are a few things you can expect: a) more than a couple of artists who landed in our recent Top 10 Albums of 2011; b) Clay’s “favorite musicians in the world,” who, somehow, we have yet to write about; c) the least fucked-out of the Boss’ seven singles from Born in the USA (1984); and d) contributions from three artists also featured on this very NBHcast, which on first listen might seem a little dark and unfitting for a Valentine’s gift, but I dunno. When’s the last time a dozen roses surprised your loved one with some dense ambient from a metal guitarist? Or those corny heart-shaped chocolates—have they ever once introduced your sweetheart to great Haligonian indie-pop? It’s not too late to start a new (and actually interesting) V-Day tradition, though you might want to take the time to swap out the cover art for a frilly heart or, with thanks to Kaylen Hann, this Rick Ross valentine. Let the one you love know exactly, in no uncertain terms, who you think is da boss.

First, as promised, here’s a track from The ’80s, Part Two, Rae Spoon’s gorgeous cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”:

Until we’re finally able to share the rest of the new Fantasycast, please, let us help you make this Valentine’s day unlike all those other shitty ones, and then enjoy guessing which of these 16 artists will soon be making you fall in love with Sparks’ “Angst in My Pants” all over again:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

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1. Jessica Jalbert: “Necromancy”

2. Boyhood: “Where I’m Going”

3. Tree Hopping: “Brain Sequence”

4. Quaker Parents: “When You Can’t Beat the Dream”

5. New God: “Room in Arizona”

  • (11:44 – 14:40)
  • from Motorcar (RARC; 2011)
  • new-god.com

6. Slim Twig: “There’s a Secret to Your Pleasure”

  • (14:28 – 19:00)
  • from There’s a Secret To Your Pleasure b/w Pastiche single (Calico Corp; 2011)
  • slimtwig.blogspot.com

7. Project Jellybean: “From Me (For You)”

8. The Sandwitches: “Joe Says”

  • (23:24 – 27:07)
  • from Mrs. Jones’ Cookies (Empty Cellar; 2011)

9. Jon McKiel: “Strands”

  • (27:08 – 30:48)
  • from Tonka War Cloud (Youth Club; 2011)
  • jonmckiel.com

10. Kool Music 4: “Unbelievable Fingers”

11. Paula: “Even If It’s True”

12. Little Jungles: “Nothing Will Grow”

13. Denim Reptile: “Bodice Ripper”

14. Messy Sparkles: “Dresses”

15. Future Fields: “Powow Space”

16. Kevin Hufnagel: “Sunshower”