El-P: Collecting the Kid

Collecting the Kid runs the gamut from carefully-orchestrated crash-jazz (quite compelling), to two drunk-and-high dudes crooning love songs to each... Nov 03, 2004


Zykos: Zykos

So, Austin, Texas has a lot bands, huh? The city known for its disillusioned youth and their excesses, featured...

Oct 27, 2004


Castanets: Cathedral

Listening to The Castanets Cathedral, I am tempted to conclude that God lives in a small, haunted cabin in Northern... Oct 27, 2004


Cake: Pressure Chief

So, let me set the scene for you. A battered and bruised sub-compact speeds across Highway 16, snaking through the... Oct 27, 2004


Greg Davis: Somnia

Kranky, the people that brought us the post-rock A-Bombers Godspeed You Black Emperor!, the gorgeous Jessica Bailiff, the intimidating Loscil,... Oct 27, 2004


Q and Not U: Power

I remember seeing Q and Not U’s live show, at the first iteration of what would prove to be an...

Oct 20, 2004