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By Scott Reid | 24 March 2015

Art: acidic-alien.tumblr.com

They say to draw from your surroundings, so, from the vaguely Hothian remains of what used to be Halifax, I give you CMGcast 151. Inspired by Nicolas Jaar’s re-scoring of 1969 Armenian avant-garde film The Color of Pomegranates, a couple sections of which you’ll hear below, I spent these past few months re-scoring another foreign film—one a little more relevant to those of us on the east coast screaming “NO, FUCK YOU at the snowdrifts that ate our homes and desire to carry on: Apocalypse Snow II.

Just hit mute on the video, turn on the auto-replay, start the podcast when the film hits 0:03, and prepare to be blown away by synergy and snow-rafting:

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1. Panda Bear: “Boys Latin (Andy Stott remix)” [section]

2. Arca: “En” [section]

3. Heems f/ Dev Hynes: “Home”

4. Memory Man: “Point/Counterpoint” [section]

5. Nicolas Jaar: “The Fool and His Harem” [section]

6. Cities Aviv: “Graced and Blessed”

7. Andrew Broder: “Tape 3 Side B” [sections]

8. Ratking: “Eternal Reveal”

  • (10:31 – 13:33)
  • from 700 Fill EP (Self-released; 2015)
  • ratkingnyc.com

9. Ove-Naxx: “New Kadodeno Hana” [section]

10. Braids: “Miniskirt”

  • (16:22 – 25:24)
  • from Deep in the Iris (Arbutus/Flemish Eye; 2015)
  • braidsmusic.com

11. Ricky Eat Acid: “Context”

12. Doldrums: “Wide Awake”

13. Nmesh: “Dart in Your Neck” [section]

14. Finally Boys: “Promise” [section]

15. Grimes: “REALiTi”

16. Holly Herndon: “Interference”

17. Anna Caragnano and Donato Dozzy: “Starcloud”

18. Nmesh: “Look Under the Cap” / “Pledge Drive”

19. Nicolas Jaar: “Volver”

  • (41:49 – 43:48)
  • from Pomegranates (Self-released; 2015)
  • nicolasjaar.net

20. Mount Eerie: “Dragon”

21. Andrew Broder: “Tape 5 Side A” [section] / “Another World” [Antony and the Johnsons cover]