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By Scott Reid | 11 June 2013

Art: Hollis Brown Thornton, Howl

With the first day of summer already just around the corner, what better time to once again bookmark our ongoing Beach Boys Tumblr series, which is…exactly what it sounds like. Do a page per week, loop the whole damn thing until September, whatever; just maybe ease into summer with the “Salt Lake City“s and “Whistle In“s and anything-written-by-Bruce’s of the Beach Boys discog first—the light stretching before July hits and you’re knee-deep in SMiLE session tapes and pictures of Brian looking intensely at something off camera. Probably Mike being a douche.

(Oh, and hey, the rest of CMG’s 2600-post-deep Tumblr archives are also now resdesigned and way easier to browse. Y’know, if you’ve got an afternoon or two-thousand to kill.)

And now, with thanks to all of the artists involved, a podcast that has absolutely nothing to do with any of that. Consider it the early Fathers Day equivalent of our last CMGcast—this time, instead of moms who love noise rock, CXXIX goes out to all you dads out there who would prefer a laid-back and at times downright pretty mix to yet another goddamn novelty gift like a shouting vase

…or, I don’t know, one of those singing trout. One of those, sigh, many singing trout. Grab your best set of headphones and enjoy drowning out every last one of those shitty presents:

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1. Gold Panda: “We Work Nights”

  • (0:01 – 5:51)
  • from Half of Where You Live (NOTOWN/Ghostly International; 2013)
  • www.iamgoldpanda.com

2. Thundercat: “Heartbreaks + Setbacks”

3. Old Apparatus: “Holding”

4. Braids: “In Kind”

5. CFCF: “Camera”

6. Baths: “Worsening”

7. Roberta Bondar: “Haus”

8. Liars: “Perfume Tear”

9. Kingdom: “Bank Head (f/ Kelela)”

  • (36:55 – 41:10)
  • from Vertical XL EP (Fade to Mind; 2013)
  • fadetomind.net

10. Disclosure: “Second Chance”

11. Jon Hopkins: “Breathe This Air”

12. Eluvium: “By the Rails”

  • (48:32 – 50:33)
  • from Nightmare Ending (Temporary Residence; 2013)
  • eluvium.net

13. Boards of Canada: “Come to Dust”