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By Scott Reid | 18 February 2013

Art: fredrikakum.tumblr.com

With love and thanks to all of the artists involved, CMGcast 126 is dedicated to this picture of Canadian composer/bandleader Percy Faith and a dog, in what appears to be deep space:

More specifically, these forty-nine minutes try their very best to capture the look in that dog’s eyes, or just sockets, it’s hard to tell:

Either way, I think you’ll agree I’ve nailed it.

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1. TEARIST: “Disposition”

2. Broadcast: “The Equestrian Vortex”

3. Four Tet: “0181 [excerpt]”

4. Doldrums: “Singularity Acid Face”/“Holographic Sandcastles (f/ Sami Blanco)”

5. Majical Cloudz: “Turns Turns Turns (Blue Hawaii Flüchtig Mix)”

6. Mountains: “Living Lens”

7. Andy Stott: “Up the Box”

8. Colin Stetson: “High Above a Grey Green Sea”

  • (22:57 – 27:14)
  • from New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light (Constellation; 2013)
  • colinstetson.com/

9. Four Tet: “0181 [excerpt]”

10. James Blake: “Retrograde”

11. Gold Panda: “Trust Intro”

12. Four Tet: “0181 [excerpt]”

13. Pantha Du Prince & the Bell Laboratory: “Photon”

14. Burial: “Truant [edit]”

15. Gazelle Twin: “Heartbeat [Wire cover]”

16. Four Tet: “0181 [excerpt]”