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By Scott Reid | 4 March 2013

Art: society6.com/hugobarros

With love to all of the artists involved, I give you CMGcast 127: your somewhat capricious and rap-centric soundtrack to the first half of March. This podcast, though primarily concerned with making the last weeks of your winter a tad less shitty, is also dedicated to the CMG Tumblr, where I’ll soon be posting another exclusive Tumblrcast and where you can currently enjoy reposts of Wu-related Peanuts artwork…

(Cute, right? Speaking of—did I mention Ghostface and a heavily sedated/remixed Inspectah Deck make appearances on this mix? Also: Cindy Lee, the new project from ex-Women frontman Patrick Flegel, which has nothing to do with the Wu but is easily one of my favorite tracks of the year. The terrific openers from the new Friendzone and Noah23 releases, too, both of which you can grab in full from our Tumblr. Wanna bump an old school Orange Juice single while you download? We got ya.)

…and also this:

(Yup, Danny’s on here, too. And stop ignoring your mother’s calls.)

Keep following our Tumblr for a podcast that’s a little more “spring break at the CMG mansion”-y later this month, and enjoy:

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1. Cindy Lee: “Holding the Devil’s Hand”

2. Shugo Tokumaru: “Circle”

  • (2:35 – 3:47)
  • from In Focus? (High Note; 2012 / Polyvinyl; 2013)
  • shugotokumaru.com

3. .L.W.H.: “My Very Own Place in the Sky (f/ Astronnomy)”

4. Noah23: “Lost Island/Dead World (prod. David Klopek)”

  • (5:33 – 8:52)
  • from Tropical Fruit EP (Self-released/Plague Language Digital; 2013)
  • noah23.bandcamp.com

5. Friendzone: “Moments 2”

6. MondreM.A.N.: “Lean Attack (prod. .L.W.H.)”

7. Kool A.D.: “Sclera (prod. Amaze 88)”

8. Ghostface Killah: “The Rise of the Ghostface Killah (prod. Adrian Younge)”

  • (17:01 – 20:11)
  • from Twelve Reasons to Die (Soul Temple; 2013)

9. Danny Brown: “Change (prod. Johnson&Johnson)”

10. Teebs: “For Phil”

11. Antwon: “Rare 2000s” / “Intro”

12. Kevin Gates: “Counting on Ya”

13. Captain Murphy: “The Prisoner (prod. Teebs)”

14. Shlomo: “Don’t Say No (f/ How to Dress Well)”

15. Zodiac: “PE1”

16. Wise Blood: “Inspectah Deck – R.E.C. Room”