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By Scott Reid | 1 October 2013

Art: Combination of pieces by Yuri Hasegawa / Cover of Gordon Claridge’s Drugs and Human Behaviour

Fuck everything, here’s CMGcast 133: nearly an hour of lo-fi indie rock, Japanese art-pop, solo Robert Pollard and a full-on Beatles ballad from Guided by Voices that apparently has nothing to do with Brian Epstein but does have Tobin Sprout repeating “Jesus” a bunch of times, the new band from Women’s Matt Flegel and Mike Wallace, Cyrillic Typewriter’s “music for a movie that evidently exists entirely in the composer-musician’s head” (“think slightly demented janitor in a film that combines paranormal with Travis Bickle”), Shearwater covering Xiu Xiu, a new Frog Eyes song that’ll make you want to invade something, the most beautiful song you’ll hear this year about biblical figures crawling back inside their mother, and ok, yeah, a lot of mid-tempo stuff, whatever, it’s fall, all in one goddamn mp3.

Because you’re going to have to stop listening to that new Danny Brown eventually:

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1. Julia Brown: “I’m Falling in Love” / “To Be Close to You”

2. Viet Cong: “Unconscious Melody”

3. Pure X: “Thousand Year Old Child”

  • (5:07 – 9:53)
  • from Crawling Up the Stairs (Acéphale; 2013)
  • purexmusic.com

4. Shugo Tokumaru: “Ord Gate”

5. Dustin Wong: “Speeding Feathers Staring”

6. Doldrums: “Sunrise”

7. Guided by Voices: “The Sudden Death of Epstein’s Ways”

  • (19:58 – 22:08)
  • from English Little League (Fire; 2013)
  • gbv.com

8. Robert Pollard: “Tonight’s the Rodeo”

  • (22:09 – 23:55)
  • from Blazing Gentlemen (Fire; 2013)
  • gbv.com

9. The Dodos: “The Ocean”

10. Shearwater: “I Luv the Valley OH! (Xiu Xiu cover)”

11. Frog Eyes: “The Country Child”

12. Moonface: “Everyone is Noah, Everyone is the Ark”

  • (34:12 – 37:10)
  • from Julia With Blue Jeans On (Paper Bag/Jagjaguwar; 2013)
  • moonface.ca

13. Califone: “Bells Break Arms”

14. Moderat: “Versions”

  • (41:04 – 46:11)
  • from II (Mute/Monkeytown; 2013)
  • moderat.fm

15. The Cyrillic Typewriter: “Lament 4”

16. No Age: “An Impression”

  • (47:31 – 49:55)
  • from An Object (Sub Pop; 2013)
  • noagela.org

17. Waxahatchee: “Hollow Room”

18. Grouper: “Living Room”