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By Scott Reid | 22 November 2013

Art: shoulderblades.tumblr.com

With 2013 quickly winding down, and more importantly the Glow’s year-end festivities on the way, I give you CMGcast 135: the first and most indie rock-ish of three straight Friday podcasts, after which we’ll be taking some much-needed time off to decide who will receive our inaugural Rob Ford Award. Does Pusha T really have this one locked up? Until all is revealed, enjoy eleven artists that don’t stand a chance at winning:

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1. Viet Cong: “Oxygen Feed”

2. Faux Fur: “Rough Palms”

3. Frog Eyes: “I Won’t Dime”

4. Joanna Gruesome: “Tugboat”

5. Cindy Lee: “Assassination Reality”

6. Laurel Halo: “Melt”

  • (19:33 – 21:34)
  • from Chance of Rain (Hyperdub; 2013)
  • laurelhalo.com

7. Eleanor Friedberger: “Singing Time”

8. Courtney Barnett: “Out of the Woodwork”

9. Swearin’: “Dust in the Gold Sack”

10. Cate Le Bon f/ Perfume Genius: “I Think I Knew”

  • (34:24 – 39:03)
  • from Mug Museum (Wichita; 2013)
  • catelebon.com

11. Paavoharju: “Olet Maailman Syli”

  • (39:04 – 43:02)
  • from Joko Sinä Tulet Tänne Alas Tai Minä Nousen Sinne (Svart; 2013)
  • svartrecords.com