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By Scott Reid | 29 November 2013

Art: Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Rain People” Japanese Poster

Our second of three consecutive Friday mixes, CMGcast 136 doesn’t sound much like a celebration of Thanksgiving weekend (already did that last month, no thanks America), or Black Friday (I’ve been reusing the same tea bag all week, I’ll pass on those sweet electronics “dealz”), or Black Friday protests (too busy working to buy a new tea bag), or even November dying. Well…besides the Mount Eerie song, anyway.

This podcast is, instead, a warm hug in light of some awfully disappointing news via the Washington Post: the Walkmen are on a “non temporary hiatus” and “have no future plans whatsoever.” If that seriously bums you out, too—or, hell, even if it doesn’t phase you all that much, or you aren’t sure what the fuck I’m talking about—here’s fifty minutes of great music that doesn’t even remotely sound like the Walkmen, even for a second:

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1. Autre Ne Veut: “On and On”

2. Moderat: “Let in the Light”

  • (3:06 – 7:17)
  • from II (Monkeytown; 2013)
  • moderat.fm

3. The Range: “FM Myth”

4. Sons of the Morning: “A Dangerous Study of Bird Life”

5. SAINT PEPSI: “I Tried”

6. Blood Orange: “Uncle Ace”

7. SAINT PEPSI: “Hit Vibes”

8. Emily Reo: “Peach”

9. Arca: “Pinch”

10. DIANA: “New House”

  • (25:25 – 30:45)
  • from Perpetual Surrender (Jagjaguwar; 2013)
  • dianatheband.com

11. Friendzone: “If U Knew”

12. Koreless: “Never”

13. Huerco S.: “‘Iińzhiid”/“Hopewell (Devil)”

14. Yohuna: “Creep Date”

15. Mount Eerie: “The Place Lives”

16. James Blake: “Voyeur [Bear//Face Bootleg edit, slowed down]”