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By Edgar White | 1 November 2006

I’ve decided to take a hiatus from CMG, starting now.

Actually, “decided” isn’t right; allow me to divulge the fact that I’ve been forced to stop writing for CMG for the time being on account of some shady dealings too circuitous to relate here. Seems every year I get into some sort of shit, my life’s at stake, and Scott gets pissed at me for bad press. Ha! Try living this belabored existence I call young adulthood, Scott, and we’ll see who’s worried about what.

I wanted to go out in the most tedious way possible, maybe put together a podcast of seven hours of aleatoric noise * from the Lincoln Park Zoo, or five hours of Mark snoring when he came to visit (I hope that creeps you out, Abraham), or ten tracks of different squeaks Dom’s cat makes when I punch her in the face. Instead, I compiled the least characteristic songs I could find—besides the Danielson, because he’s my bro—in the shortest amount of time I could manage. So, that’s that, some are exclusive, some aren’t. Who cares? Deal.

I would thank the labels that cooperated so politely if I were a grateful person. But I’m not, so I won’t.

Fuck you, Cokemachineglow.

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1. Tom Ze: “Elaeu”

  • (0:01 – 4:21)
  • from Estudando O Pagode, out now on Luaka Bop

2. Danielson: “Time That Bald Sextant”

3. Benoit Pioulard: “Ash Into the Sky”

  • (8:26 – 11:39)
  • from Precis, out now on Kranky

4. Tim Hecker: “Dungeoneering”

  • (11:40 – 17:05)
  • from Harmony in Ultraviolet, out now on Kranky

5. Menomena: “Wet and Rusting”

  • (17:06 – 20:36)
  • from Friend and Foe, out now on Barsuk

6. Peter Bjorn and John: “Young Folks”

  • (20:37 – 25:11)
  • from Writer’s Block, out now on Wichita

7. Chin Up Chin Up: “Landlocked Lifeguards”

  • (25:12 – 30:12)
  • from This Harness Can’t Ride Anything, out now on Suicide Squeeze

8. The Golden Dogs: “Construction Worker”

  • (30:13 – 32:55)
  • from Big Eye Little Eye, out now on True North

9. SJ Esau: “Geography (Donkey Dancing in the Bath)”

  • (32:56 – 36:33)
  • unreleased

10. The Blow: “The Big U”

  • (36:34 – 39:06)
  • from Paper Television, out now on K Records

11. Brightblack Morning Light: “Everybody Daylight”

  • (39:07 – 44:59)
  • from Brightblack Morning Light, out now on Matador

12. Nina Nastasia: “Counting Up Your Bones”

  • (45:00 – 47:36)
  • from On Leaving, out now on Fat Cat

13. Tom Waits: “Bottom of the World”

  • (47:37 – 53:16)
  • from Orphans, out now on Anti-

14. Nomo: “Sarvodaya”

  • (53:14 – 61:23)
  • from New Tones, out now on Ubiquity