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Top 50 of 2010 Podcasts Part 1

By The Staff | 13 December 2010

Phew. Here we are, finally, at the close of CMG’s 2010 Year-End-aganza. Since we can’t exactly afford fireworks, or even a decent pack of festive sparklers, we’re celebrating with buckets of homemade wine and these podcasts—the audiobook version of our Top 50 Albums of 2010 list, I guess, except instead of our staff reading their blurbs to you in shaky, post-wine sloshed tones, there’s just songs. Hours and hours of our favorite tracks from our favorite albums of 2010, cut up into groupings of ten. (So…nope, no National on these either. Suck it up.) As for the garbled voice introducing each of these tracks? It’s iSpeech’s stock setting for “pissed-up, stroke-smacked Englishwoman who speaks only with contempt and strong overtones of sarcasm.” Hard to understand most of the time? Absolutely. But totally worth it for the sing-songy pronunciation of “Velella Velella” and the charmed tone that sneaks into “Big Boi.”

Like with every podcast we do, but slightly moreso here, we urge you to support these artists. CMG will return as soon as our booze buckets run out and our hangovers slowly, oh so slowly, subside. Until then, enjoy:

Albums 50 – 41

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1. Glasser: “Glad”

2. No Age: “Skinned”

3. Pop Winds: “The Turquoise”

4. Velella Velella: “Glower Power”

5. Titus Andronicus: “Richard II”

6. Baths: “Maximalist”

7. Big K.R.I.T.: “Glass House (f/ Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa)”

8. Salem: “Redlights”

9. Swans: “Little Mouth”

10. Ikonika: “R.E.S.O.L.”