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By Scott Reid | 4 November 2008

We offer this No Big Hair podcast as a special gift to our American readership for making the right decision for once, thank fuck.

For our Canadian readership, well, sorry, we’re still stuck with Stephen Harper. Please, enjoy this anyway.

Continued thanks to all artists and labels involved.

Download mp3 (192kbps)


1. The Moi Non Plus: “Jil Sander Makes Your Eyes Black”

2. Liturgy: “Everquest I”

3. These Are Powers: “Little Sisters of Beijing”

4. Tickley Feather: “Tonight is the Nite”

5. Farms in Trouble: “My First Punchpress”/“Like a Needle in Heaven”

6. The Hospital Bombers: “Neighbourhood”

7. The Danks: “Treaty Connector”

8. Husband & Knife: “Dead Lovers”

9. Rebekah Higgs: “Apples”

  • (20:23 – 23:59)
  • from Rebekah Higgs (Outside; 2008)

10. Ghost Bees: “Vampires of the West Coast”

11. Fall Horsie: “Hornets & Bees”

12. Ala Muerte: “1892”

13. The Great Northwest: “Chief John”

14. Kingdom Shore: “…and all the dogs to shark (excerpt)”

15. The Child Readers: “Fortune (Incl. The Morningnight/A Hated Art)”

16. Beehoover: “Iron Horse”

17. Shearing Pinx: “Negaman”