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By Scott Reid | 28 September 2010

OK, well, somehow we’ve only managed a measly one of these No Big Hair podcasts since last November. And, sure, the lone entry stands as the best mix dedicated to The Beachcombers you’ll hear in 2010, but…in a year with so much great music from new and/or unsigned and/or just somewhat obscure artists, only a portion of which we’ve been able to write about, that’s kinda ridiculous.

So, shit, let’s get caught up. With thanks to all of the artists and occasionally labels involved, enjoy the first of three straight NBHcasts:

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1. Will Stratton: “Bluebells”

2. Villagers: “Becoming a Jackal”

3. Sharon Van Etten: “Don’t Do It”

4. Radio People: “Now Where”

5. Crush Buildings: “Swinging the Lantern”

6. Cowboy Indian Bear: “Mathematicians/Colour”

7. Hot Panda: “Mindlessnesslessness”

8. Dark Dark Dark: “In Your Dreams”

9. The Migrant: “Gor Hvad Du Sagde Du Vil Gore En Dag”

10. Y La Bamba: “Juniper”

11. Jay Crcoker: “Birds on Bees”

12. Long Long Long: “Ponytail Ambition”

13. Boats: “Our Athletic Friends”

14. Yuni in Taxco: “King of Borneo”

15. Siskiyou: “Never Ever Ever Ever Again”

16. Gem Club: “Flax”