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V & VI

By Scott Reid | 10 August 2009

Yup, this one’s a double. The distinction’s really not arbitrary though, I swear; both of these self-contained NBHcasts move along their 35 minute arcs with absolute disregard for the other, rejecting any effort I made to combine them. Such egos.

I’d expand on what that actually means, but I’m on vacation! And by “on vacation” I mean off to Newfoundland on a ferry—sent to us from Estonia—that’s already caught fire twice this summer. I promise a more cohesive No Big Hair podcast later this year, assuming I don’t wind up in flames on that flashy deathtrap.

Much love as always to the artists and labels involved. Enjoy.

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1. Za!: “Baches”

2. Ty Segall: “Lovely One”

3. Smith Westerns: “Be My Girl”

4. Bird Names: “Production”

5. Renminbi: “Portland”

6. East of the Wall: “I Am Crying Non Stop Hysterically”

7. Helado Negro: “Awe”

8. The Original Cyndi: “Jazz Odd-See?”

9. Record of the Week Club: “Week 3: Steamed Chilis”

10. Za!: “Doble Cobra”


11. Faces on Film: “Surra”

12. Kid Sam: “The Sunday Bus”

13. Sharon Van Etten: “For You”

15. Nethers: “O the Deed”

16. Hari & Aino: “A Considerate Kind of Home”

17. The Delay Trees: “Desert Island Song”

18. The Danks: “No Radio”

19. Elephant Stone: “A Morning Song”

20. Rural Alberta Advantage: “Frank, AB”

  • (63:50 – 67:10)
  • from Hometowns (Self-released/Saddle Creek; 2008/2009)
  • myspace.com/theraa

21. No Eye Contact: “Magnificat”