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By Scott Reid | 27 November 2009

First, and most importantly: thanks to all artists and labels involved in this, our youngest of seven No Big Hair podcasts.

There’s a lot to be said about these artists and songs, But, in the spirit of the NBH section, I’m going to use this intro to plug our current Fantasy Covers Contest. If you somehow missed it perched atop our front page the past week, click here for more info, most importantly on how and when to enter. But quickly: submit a cover and maybe wind up on our next Fantasy Podcast, alongside at least one of the artists featured here.

Or, hey!, if you could care less but know someone who could totally win and wouldn’t mind the exposure, pass along the link. In return to you, person who could give a fuck about a contest, as thanks, enjoy:

Download mp3 (192kbps)


1. Surfer Blood: “Swim (To Reach the End)”

2. The Mantles: “Bad Design”

  • (3:14 – 5:54)
  • from Bad Design/Rachel 7” (I Wish I Was a Slumber-Tone; 2009)
  • myspace.com/mantles

3. Grass Widow: “To Where”

4. The Balconies: “Serious Bedtime”

5. Blind Pilot: “Go On, Say It”

6. Jordaan Mason & the Horse Museum: “After the Glandolinian War” / “Avalanches”

7. Male Nurse: “Everything’s Amazing” / “No One’s Happy”

  • (20:18 – 24:28)
  • from Everything’s Amazing, No One’s Happy (Bruised Tongue; 2009)
  • myspace.com/mailnurse

8. Touching Earth Made of Steel: “Throw Me in a River” / “Guide to Edible Flora”

9. Julianna Barwick: “Anjos”

10. deVries: “Slowing Down to You”

11. Carnivores: “A Crime”

12. Toro Y Moi: “Blessa”

13. Molnbär Av John: “I Wish I Could Draw Her Nose (1)”

14. Musette: “15 Oktober”

15. Noveller: “Brilliant Colors”