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By Scott Reid | 5 October 2010

With thanks and love to all of the artists involved, we give you the second in our trilogy of new NBHcasts—the Godfather II of this series, if you will. Though…obviously we’ll have to drop that analogy once the third part comes next week. Shudder.

This NBHcast specifically is dedicated to CMG’s search for a new ad sales manager—so, enjoy a pummeling, then chill, then shoegaze-y soundtrack to your early autumn while figuring out how to properly monetize this piece:

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1. We Fled Cairo: “One Day All Ottawa Will Be One Big Schawarma Shop”

2. Bambara: “Repeat After Me”

3. The Element Choir: “Cloud Hands (clip)”

4. Teebs: “My Whole Life”

5. Blue Hawaii: “Floral”

6. RadioSeed: “Magic Friday”

7. Pop Winds: “Drowning in the Dark”

8. Solar Bears: “She Was Colored In”

9. Rooftops: “Fiery Atlas”

10. Rich Aucoin: “Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E.”

11. Candy Claws: “Silent Time of Earth”

12. Tonetta: “Drugs Drugs Drugs”

13. Elisa Luu: “Slowbeat”

14. Bad Apples: “Lead Sister (Pia Fraus remix)”

15. Fun Years: “Division of Labor”