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By Scott Reid | 13 October 2010

First: pretty much all of the segues messily crammed between these thirteen tracks are fucked-with samples from two blogs of found-sound stuffs—Found-sound.tumblr.com and Noisejockey.net. That delicious crackling over the intro of “Brain Storm”? A microphone in a glass of water and icecubes! The grunge-y, creepy grunting that sounds like a shitty STP song? That’s…an actual shitty STP song. As for the How to Steal a Million clip, well, I just always thought it’d sound badass as the intro to some really good, Burial-esque dubstep. And…yeah, kinda.

Second, and more importantly: no more every-six-months,–maybe with these NBHcasts. We’ve got another coming in November, and something special in late 2010/early 2011 that we’ll posting more about soon-ish in our contest section. In the meantime, with thanks once again to all of the artists involved, enjoy the final third of this trilogy—in which, at the very end (spoilers!), Mark McGuire succeeds in destroying the Second Death Star and one of the guys from Glass Vaults (from New Zealand, fittingly) gets his finger bitten off by some troll, who then falls into a volcano:

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1. Wise Blood: “Solo (4 Claire)”

2. Holy Other: “Yr Love”

3. Hyetal: “Like Silver”

4. Svpreme Fiend: “Killer”

5. Illum Sphere: “Agent White”

6. CFCF: “The River”

7. Asura: “Timber”

8. Cherry Chapstick: “The Line”

9. Sacred Animals: “Wired, Islands (Ghostwaves remix)”

10. Silly Kissers: “Ghost in Your Heart”

11. Secret Colours: “Bad Vibrations”

12. Glass Vaults: “Forget Me Not”

13. Mark McGuire: “Brain Storm (For Erin)”

  • (45:27- 52:01)
  • from Living With Yourself (Editions Mego; 2010)
  • editionsmego.com