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By Scott Reid | 24 November 2010

Our final No Big Hair podcast of 2010 is, strangely, our first entirely made up of indie pop and rock. That may sound like a monotonous way to spend 55 minutes, but, seriously, this is really fucking good indie pop and rock: ex-Harlem Shakes guitarist Todd Goldstein’s new band ARMS (cop that EP, even if you somehow weren’t a fan of last year’s Technicolor Health), the best cuts from PS I Love You and Twin Sister’s debut LPs, the awesome and sorta-grungy new single from Calgary’s Extra Happy Ghost!!!, and so much more. This thing’s just brimming with hooks. Not festive hooks, as such, but still very much the kind that’ll make the season a little less stressful.

Though less than previous NBHcasts—large sections of II and III are the broken-up second part of our Halifax scenecast—Maritimes represent!: DUZHEKNEW (charmingly laid-back and Talking Heads inspired, with cozy press photos), Two Hours Traffic (insanely catchy pop-rock from last year, still fresh), the Pinecones (cheekily retro in an affable, Harry Nilsson loving way), York Redoubt (lo-fi yet fist-pumpingly anthemic rock, co-recorded by Superfriendz’s Charles Austin), and, from the lovely Port Greville, Construction & Destruction.

Also, uh, RIP one of the bands featured, Explode Into Colors. I wish I could say this was the first defunct band we’ve snuck into a NBHcast (last time, for sentimental reasons: the Organ), seeing as how this is a section of CMG dedicated to up-and-coming talent. But, as was the case with the Organ, fuck it; overlooked in life, mourned by too few in death, sweet riff, etc. This one’s well worth digging up.

So, with thanks to all of the artists and labels who made this possible—and a big gushy dedication to my three day old niece Natalie, who will surely be rocking this in 2025 or so—enjoy:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

Download cover jpeg


1. ARMS: “Floaters”

2. DUZHEKNEW: “Dwindle Kindle (It Came Out the Other Side, OK Smells, Sorry Smells)”

3. Lower Dens: “Completely Golden”

4. Young Circles: “Sharp Teeth”

5. Pomegranates: “Create Your Own Reality”

6. Explode Into Colors: “Eyes Hands Mouth”

7. Super Wild Horses: “We Don’t Believe It”

8. PS I Love You: “Facelove”

9. Rat Tail: “Polka Dots”

10. Tennis: “South Carolina”

11. Twin Sister: “Lady Daydream”

12. Spectrals: “Chip a Tooth (Spoil a Smile)”

13. Cloud Nothings: “Didn’t You”

14. Two Hours Traffic: “Happiness Burns”

15. Extra Happy Ghost!!!: “1990s Brain Damage”

16. Pinecones: “Sage”

17. Construction & Destruction: “Bear”

18. York Redoubt: “Simple”