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By Scott Reid | 14 February 2011

You did us proud, guys: we made it into the top 60 of the CBC Radio 3 Searchlight contest! Or poll. Or…search? I guess? We’re still not sure what it is, exactly, but we’re killing that shit.

We could be prouder still, though—the longlist will be cut to 30 soon and we need your help to continue our rightful ascension to the top of the Canadian-ish music website heap. Not that you need specific reasons why, but: did we mention we were the first website to interview Chad VanGaalen? Or that we once thumbwrestled the Unicorns, and won, presumably shaming them into breaking up? (Sorry about that one.) And, hey, guess who was the only publication to vote for Frog Eyes’ brilliant Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph on Village Voice’s 2010 Pazz & Jop poll? Not to put down the other 59 “nominees” up for the CBC Radio 3 prize or whatever-it-is, but…not them. Just saying.

You can vote for us every 24 hours by heading to http://r3.ca/0CvO, or, if you prefer to click on pictures:

CBC Radio 3 Searchlight 2011

Just try not to get distracted and knee-jerk a vote for “Winnie Cooper” instead. Trust us, it’s not what you think.

As continued thanks for your daily vote, we give you the first No Big Hair podcast of 2011, and a promise that if we win, our public celebration with contain twice as many BMXers and seizure-inducing strobe lights as Arcade Fire’s performance at the Grammys last night. (Which, by the way: Arcade Fire’s site? Didn’t make the longlist. Draw your own conclusions.) For the time being, with thanks to all of the artists and sometimes labels involved, enjoy this podcast as you imagine just how awesome that will be, minus the seizure part:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

Download cover jpeg


1. Bird World: “Swamp”

2. MINKS: “Kusmi”

3. Sat. Nite Duets: “Peel Away”

4. Jon McKiel: “Motion Pictures”

5. Mean Wind: “Kingdom Come”

  • (10:53 – 13:55)
  • from The The Guests Guests Are Are Gone Gone Gone (Self-released; 2010)
  • myspace.com/meanwind

6. Bloodhouse: “Magic Tipi”

  • (13:56 – 16:04)
  • from the Bad Vibrations / Bloodhouse split cassette (Brotherhood; 2010)
  • myspace.com/pampcamp

7. Bad Vibrations: “Aurora”

  • (16:05 – 19:50)
  • from the Bad Vibrations / Bloodhouse split cassette (Brotherhood; 2010)
  • myspace.com/bdvbes

8. My Dad Vs Yours: “Nonno”

9. Power Animal: “Better Water”

10. Halls: “Cave Days”

11. Magnet & Steel: “Natural History Museum”

12. Jay Crocker: “Porno is a Mustang”

13. Teen Daze: “Four More Years”

14. Silver Swans: “Anyone’s Ghost (National cover)”

15. Mind Spiders: “Read Your Mind”

16. Hey Rosetta!: “Yer Spring”

17. Markus Floats: “GrownDown”

Cover art source: http://www.da-end.com/expos/