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By Scott Reid | 4 April 2011

One great contest begets another: on the heels of our incredible Fantasy Covers Contest 2011 podcast—which, again, turned out so much better than we had hoped—I thought, hey!, why not continue to give back to our readers. Except this time, instead of a podcast to help promote their talent, how about a beautiful, one-of-a-kind prize?

Nothing’s too good for our readers, so I’m offering up one of the CMG staff mansion’s greatest shelf decorations: a never-played copy of ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley’s solo album Anomaly! Which…is Frehley himself, or song titles like “Space Bear” and “Fractured Quantum,” somehow not thrilling enough? Get this: the packaging folds up into a pyramid of artwork that showcases different sides of the man himself—whether it be artsy space-thing-with-shades-and-lipstick Ace:

…or the cool, leather-clad “just another day riding my motorcycle through space” Ace:

Fuck yeah!

To win, simply solve our nine most recent Band Name Anagrams from our DailyOps section, plus a bonus tenth to make it slightly harder:

*1. Sadly Teen
2. Jeans Vests Fun
3. Deflated Ear Thug
4. Ideal Surf Nuts
5. Wonky Sob Juice
6. A Balded Hefty Trio Swallow Unkind You
7. Facile Opus
8. Handmade Heretics
9. Rad Dungeons
10. A Grimace Collection*

The first person to email the answers to contest@cokemachineglow.com will win the copy of Anomaly pictured above, plus, keeping with the celestial theme, a copy of Leslie Nielsen’s Naked Space on DVD. (It’s not new, per se, but I hesitate to call it “used.”) Here’s both in all their space-y greatness:

Exciting stuff, I know. As fair warning, the last time we did this type of contest the winning submission was received in a matter of hours. And, if I’m being honest, last time the prizes (a Herb Alpert LP, a VHS copy of Pink Floyd’s Pulse, and most of Finger Eleven’s discog on CD) sort of sucked. So, just saying—be sure to get your email in ASAP on this one.

Also, enjoy this, our newest and perhaps finest No Big Hair podcast, as both another thank you to our readers for making the Fantasy Covers Contest happen, but also one hell of a soundtrack for decoding anagrams and winning the best KISS related pyramid-thing we’ll be offering up this year, probably:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

Download cover jpeg


1. Little Jungles: “Drive Yerself Crazy”

2. Foxes in Fiction: “School Night”

3. Tearjerker: “Best”

4. Cousins: “Khyber”

5. Shotgun Jimmie: “Too Many Flowers”

6. Jennifer Castle: “Neverride”

7. Giant Hand: “From the Garden to the Cave [excerpt]” / “Books”

8. Conquering Animal Sound: “Maschine”

9. Blawan: “Bohla”

10. o F F: “slowingdowndowndown”

11. Peaking Lights: “Amazing and Wonderful”

12. Desolate: “Imagination”

13. GIGAS: “Heatwave”

14. Wintercoats: “The Overture”