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By Scott Reid | 13 June 2011

First, this newest of No Big Hair podcasts is dedicated to the just-released free Mixcloud iPhone app. True, you can always stream each mp3 straight from this site—and that’s still the only way to hear them in full 192kbps quality—but the Mixcloud app is a convenient way to access our podcasts on your iPhone from wherever, each with tracklist info and cover art and, if you’re into this sort of thing, a Facebook-ish “Like” system with tiny hearts instead of thumbs-ups. Cute!

And weeks from now when you’ve exhausted our back catalog (currently just back to last January, but we’ll be expanding on that soon), they’ve got you covered with hundreds of other talk/music podcasts; specifically I’d recommend the recent Matthew Cooper (Eluvium) curated mix for Post-Rock Paper Scissors, and the Toro y Moi mix for Quietus. Plus: that one DJ Premier Blog Radio mix I heard was pretty decent. So.

Also, a reminder that next Monday, June 20th, we’ll be reposting our very first Fantasy Covers Podcast with some remastered tracks and bonus material. Until then, with much love and thanks to everyone involved, enjoy NBHcast #15 as you help us knock this John Digweed fellow off the top of Mixcloud’s “Hot List”:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

Download cover jpeg


1. Purity Ring: “Ungirthed”

1.5 Aaron Novik: “The Argument for Oh-Day Week [intro excerpt]”

  • (2:49 – 3:04)
  • from Floating World Vol. 1 (Porto Franco; 2011)
  • aaronnovik.com

2. Peter & Kerry: “Oh, No”

3. Thunder & Lightning: “I Held Her Hand in Mine”

4. Kris Ellestad: “The Secret”

5. Liam Trimble: “Small Talk”

6. Extra Happy Ghost!!!: “So at One”

7. Long Long Long: “Take Time”

8. The Men: “If You Leave…”

9. The Best Friends With Wolves Club: “I Want to Know What the Wind Blows Like”

10. Graham Repulski: “Atomic Turd (Slightly Beautiful)”/“Amp Sandwich”

11. Girls Names: “Seance on a Wet Afternoon”

12. Radioactive Bishop: “17:52 [excerpt]”

13. Tokimonsta: “Fallen Arches”

14. Computer at Sea: “Spiders in the Moat”

  • (39:25 – 42:52)
  • from Palace of the Lightbulbs (Self-released; 2011)
  • computeratsea.com

15. The Douglas Firs: “Grow Old and Go Home”

16. DoT: “Jimmy Jump”

Cover art source: http://www.buamai.com/image/33475