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By Scott Reid | 16 August 2011

No Big Hair podcast #16 is dedicated to the upcoming return of our long-missing Ponytail guestcast-slash-interview from 2008. Why long-missing? It’s a boring story, and it’ll only make sense if you remember what media-streaming site “iMeem” was before it got sold to Myspace (well-timed!) and immediately shut down/locked out all of its accounts—as in the exact same day it was bought out, without notice, to the glee of everyone who’d spent months, if not years, building up a database. So, in short, not that you need another reason to make fun of them these days: it’s totally Myspace’s fault.

Anyway—we’ll be adding it to our Guestcast and Mixcloud pages a week from today. The mix serves as, according to the band, a portrait of their influences, including the Slits, Bruce Haack, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Brian Eno & John Cale, P-Model, Solex, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Craig Leon, and more.

Until then, enjoy a NBHcast lovingly curated for your last month-or-so of summer:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

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1. Majical Cloudz: “Your Eyes”

2. Jane Jane Pollock: “Stuck on a Highway Island”

3. BOBBY: “Sore Spores”

4. The Cyrillic Typewriter: “Fellow Worker”

5. Amen Dunes: “Lower Mind”

6. Skip Jensen: “The Spirit of the Ghost”

7. Cousins: “Secret Weapon”

8. Apache Dropout: “Nothing in My Hand”

9. Pure X: “Twisted Mirror”

10. Yohuna: “Mateo”

11. New Animal: “When They Come”

12. Dream Jefferson: “Purple Hearts”

13. The Pattern Theory: “Ideas of Fun”

Cover art source: http://thecollagejournal.com/5thyear/content/02_06_10_large.html