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By Kaylen Hann | 6 February 2013

Blindsided by coldsnaps, startled by sudden sunshine, or bracing for all the lions of a ferocious February: this Fux with February mix of slowjams, barebones hip-hop, #seapunk and sax, tracks that sample the word “butt” over and over, etc…is dedicated to the sweet defrost.

(Pssssst: also, you could definitely have sex to this.)


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1. Macintosh Plus: “ブート”

2. Arca: “Focus”

3. Cities Aviv: “Forever (prod. RPLDGHSTS)”

4. Zeroh: “kingmidaswell”

5. Androgynous Mind: “Knock On My Door”

6. Ahnuu: “Yuriah”

7. Blue Hawaii: “Daisy”

8. Arca: “2 Blunted”

9. Antwon: “Living Every Dream (prod. Pictureplane)”

10. Zeroh: “weoutchea”

11. Arca: “Brokeup”

12. OL: “IWM

13. GrandeMarshall: “2-3 Shidd (prod. .L.W.H.)”

14. LOL Boys: “Basement Jaxx – Romeo (Acoustic Version)”

15. 情報デスクVIRTUAL: “CONTEMPORARYセーター (from NEW DREAMS LTD demo)”

16. Yayayi: “[][][][][][][][][][][][][[][][][][][][[][[[][]][[][][][][]][]][][][][][]][][]][]­[][][][][][][]][]][][][]. PART333% yayayayay original is 333% of this. ya feel me bitch. pornstars gone hate amateurporngodcummingsoonkoreanroomsalon.”

17. Jae & Zeroh: “BlackMyth (prod. Kutmah)”

18. Slava: “File”

19. Metrosound: “Gaffer Tape”

20. Jason Lescalleet: “Escargot”