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By Scott Reid | 12 July 2011

In celebration of our 100th podcast, some good news for fans of free shit and second chances. In case you weren’t able to snag one of those signed Pharoahe Monch vinyls from Earbits that we mentioned last time, you’re still (maybe) in luck: we’ve got a copy to give away.

Since we’ll be well hungover at the CMG mansion after marking this momentous occasion with a #100 themed party (stupidly both the number of hours long and the minimum number of drinks out of a size 100 shoe), we’ll make this contest as easy on us as possible. Email us at contest@cokemachineglow.com and in one word describe to us what the CMG podcast means to you. The winner will be picked at random—so, as long as your message is a single word (so: no, “fuck all” doesn’t count), that sweet Monch-signed vinyl could be yours. The deadline is this coming Monday, July 18th.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got a four-day party to kick off in style with this here podcast. Tremendous thanks to all of the artist and labels involved in this and the 99 podcasts before it, and enjoy:

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1. The Hood Internet: “Stretch Your Whaleface”

  • (0:01- 2:23)
  • from The Hood Internet x Tobacco x FELT 3 (Self-released; 2010)
  • hoodinternet.com

2. Gold Panda: “MPB

3. Sole and the Skyrider Band: “Pianos Falling (f/ Tobacco)”

  • (6:25 – 9:59)
  • from Hello, Cruel World (Fake Four, Inc.; 2011)
  • soleone.org

4. .L.W.H.: “Bitin and Shakin (f/ We$tern Tink, Mondre M.A.N. & Shady Blaze)”

5. We$tern Tink: “Hittin’ Corners”

6. ASAP Rocky: “Wassup”

  • (17:55 – 20:29)
  • from the Deep Purple mixtape (Self-released; 2011)

7. Ford & Lopatin: “G’s Dream”

8. Paper Route Gangstaz: “Off the Porch”

9. G-Side: “Imagine (f/ Jhi-Ali)”

10. Jermiside: “The Cookout (f/ Donwill & Spec Boogie)”

11. Thundercat: “Daylight”

12. Alias: “Wanna Let it Go”

13. 13 & God: “Death Major”

14. Shlohmo: “Just Us”