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By Scott Reid | 2 August 2011

Having finally reached podcast #100, and having spent 100 straight hours cooped up in the CMG mansion “celebrating” with a terribly short-sighted but strictly enforced theme (lest any staffers try to sneak away for a nap, every five minutes “party alarms” blasting “The Vengabus” would kick things off all over again), here we are: back later than expected, still somehow crippingly hungover, and with more vitriol in our hearts for the Vengaboys than we ever thought possible.

We’re relieved to put all of that behind us with podcast #101, dedicated to both a) our Turntable.fm room, which, hey, still exists/is as addictive as ever, and b) yet another way to listen to us on your mobile devices. Sure, you can always just download each new podcast directly from this site, which is the only way to get them in full 192kbps quality, at least until iTunes stops pod-blocking us; and, yes, our Mixcloud page is still going strong, especially now that they have an iPhone app. But if for some reason that’s just not enough, if you’re been waiting out for a third option, good news: you can also now stream our most recent podcasts through the Stitcher app, available for free on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and Palm.

Now if you’ll excuse us, please enjoy this podcast as we collectively take bottles’ worth of tylenol, purge the last nightmarish echoes of “WE LIKE / WE LIKE TO PARTY!!!” from our throbbing heads, and hopefully in the process learn from our worst-ever-party-planning mistakes. Else, God help us if we ever reach #200.

Download mp3 (192kbps)

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1. Robag Wruhme: “Prognosen Bomm”

2. Machinedrum: “Door(s)”

3. Kingdom: “Take Me (instrumental)”

4. Nurses: “Fever Dreams”

5. Miracle Fortress: “Possession”

6. Future Islands: “Before the Bridge”

7. Vondelpark: “Camels”

  • (26:02 – 31:15)
  • from Nyc stuff and nyc bags (R&S; 2011)

8. Zomby: “Natalia’s Song”

9. Majical Cloudz: “Tooking Names”/“Dream World (f/ Grimes)”

10. Jim Guthrie: “Dark Flute”

  • (38:03 – 40:40)
  • from Sword & Sworcery (Dark Flute; 2011)
  • jimguthrie.org

11. Clams Casino: “Gorilla”

12. Flow Child: “The Acceleration of Skallywag”

13. Algodón Egipcio: “El Sonido Ensordecedor”

Cover art source: http://kathleenmccloud.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/Futurology-101a-52×52-woodblock-print-on-Japanese-paper-collage-elements-ink-and-graphite-copy.jpg