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By Scott Reid | 7 September 2011

CMG podcast #102 is dedicated to some fantastic news for fans of covers, fantasies, and the decade responsible for cellphones with a pleasing heft: our newest of Fantasy Covers Podcasts is coming up in just a few weeks! Yup—on Monday, September 26th we’ll be rolling out The ’80s, Part One, featuring…well, we don’t want to let too much slip just yet, but let’s just say some artists who’ve contributed before, and many others who we’re absolutely thrilled to have involved for the first time.

In the next few weeks we’ll be announcing all of the artists involved (with part one, anyway—expect more news on The ’80s, Part Two early next year) and offering up one of the covers as a download, a small taste of just how fucking awesome this thing is.

In the meantime, enjoy guessing which CMG-endorsed, recently No Big Hair’d act absolutely killed Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” to this end-of-summer mix:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

Cover jpeg


1. Thundercat: “Fleer Ultra”

2. Blu: “SLNGBNGrs” / “Jazmine”

3. Cosmin TRG: “Lillasyster”

4. Andy Stott: “Signature”

5. Die Vögel: “Maikäferbenzin”

6. Jonas Reinhardt: “Smokey Jotus”

  • (17:41 – 20:35)
  • from Music for the Tactile Dome (Not Not Fun; 2011)
  • jonasreinhardt.com

7. Robag Wruhme: “Thora Vukk”

8. John Tejada: “The Living Night”

  • (27:02 – 33:51)
  • from Parabolas (Kompakt; 2011)

9. Julian Lynch: “Ground”

10. Deadbeat: “Plateau Quarter (Hope in Numbers)”

11. Dalglish: “5.8.2001”

12. Balam Acab: “Oh, Why”