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By Dom Sinacola | 20 September 2011

Lemme just say I’m pleased as punch to curate this podcast numbered 104 and bearing the same initials as the Lil Wayne album released not one month ago wherein Weezy pretty much does what he loves to do, which is hoover all known hip-hop into his face and spit out something obsessively and unadulteratedly selfish. Because that’s what this is: a bunch of songs I’ve played over and over to the point where they feel like they’re mine and no one else I know wants to listen to them anymore. Because I don’t really know any other way to make a podcast.

And anyway, CIV is only a snack until our unprecedented ’80s Fantasy Podcast Pt. 1 premieres in, what, like six days? Before it spits in your face and makes fun of you in front of all your friends and former lovers because it’s so good?

So nut up, jerks, and enjoy.

Oh, and many thanks as always to all the artists and labels involved. Know that I’ve scrobbled your shit like 104 times.

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1. Man Man: “Steak Knives”

2. Danny Brown: “Lie4”

3. Nurses: “Trying to Reach You”

4. Das Racist: “Girl”

5. Big K.R.I.T.: “R4 Theme”

6. Beirut: “East Harlem”

  • (16:28 – 20:20)
  • from The Rip Tide (Ba Da Bing/Pompeii; 2011)
  • beirutband.com

7. .L.W.H.: “Zoney’s Island”

8. Jerusalem and the Starbaskets: “Walkin’ Across Your Grave”

9. The Men: “Bataille”

10. Smith Westerns: “Imagine Pt. 3”

11. Apache Dropout: “Teenager”

12. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: “Hysterical”

13. Future Islands: “The Great Fire”

14. Blackout Beach: “Beautiful Burning Desire”