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By Scott Reid | 23 January 2012

Art: Dirk Vekemans, Spier Krampen Towards New Theatre

CMG Podcast #109 is dedicated to the Leonard Cohen contest we have coming up on January 31st—the same day Cohen’s new album, the tantalizingly titled Old Ideas, comes out. Let me just say, before getting to this podcast: start collecting your best haikus about Leonard Cohen and check our DailyOps section next Tuesday for info on turning those haikus into free stuff.

Until then, with thanks to all of the artists involved, enjoy a podcast that gets pleasantly Halifax-heavy in the second half and will more than once tell you to go fuck yourself, deal with it:

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1. Field Music: “Just Like Everyone Else” / “How Many More Times?”

2. La Sera: “Please Be My Third Eye”

3. Yellow Ostrich: “Marathon Runner”

4. Lower Dens: “Brains”

  • (8:55 – 14:54)
  • from Nootropics (Ribbon Music; 2012)
  • lowerdens.com

5. Guided by Voices: “The Head” / “The Things That Never Need”

  • (14:55 – 17:09)
  • from Let’s Go Eat the Factory (Guided by Voices Inc.; 2012)
  • gbv.com

6. Colin Stetson: “Those Who Didn’t Run [excerpt]”

  • (16:10 – 20:24)
  • from Those Who Didn’t Run EP (Constellation; 2011)
  • colinstetson.com

7. Tonetta: “Hell”

8. Nurses: “Naaaaaaaaasty” / “Wanna Go to Japan”

9. Bloodhouse: “Please Don’t Meet Me”

10. Cousins: “Speech”

11. Bad Vibrations: “Muddy Waters”

12. Dog Day: “In the Woods”

13. Bry Webb: “Ex-Punks”

14. The Weather Station: “Know It to See It”

15. Laura Marling: “Sophia”

  • (47:04 – 51:54)
  • from A Creature I Don’t Know (Virgin; 2011)
  • lauramarling.com