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By Scott Reid | 4 October 2011

Fair warning, I guess: this podcast mostly came together between early AM fits of infuriatingly tedious fever dreams, and I was thoroughly zonked on cold meds. Cold meds that, by the way, didn’t at all help with anxiously climbing flights upon flights of dream-stairs only to find a door that is locked but shouldn’t be, or something, I mean who the fuck knows. Better start all over again anyway! Ugh.

It…probably shows. I really hope this podcast makes sense even if you’re not riddled with a fever. I dunno. Is it a little frigid where you are? Do you also find yourself on some, um, “meds”? Fond of repetition and themes of renewal? With love to all of the artists and labels involved, enjoy, probably:

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1. Paavoharju: “Tulilehtisade”

2. Jenny Hval: “Golden Locks”

3. Colin Stetson: “Home”

  • (7:51 – 10:58)
  • from New History Warfare Vol 2: Judges (Constellation; 2011)
  • colinstetson.com

4. Oneohtrix Point Never: “Sleep Dealer”

5. Atlas Sound: “Te Amo”

6. St. Vincent: “Surgeon”

7. Autechre: “Krib”

  • (22:30 – 25:12)
  • from EPs 1991-2002 (Warp; 2011)
  • autechre.ws

8. The Field: “Burned Out”

9. Moonface: “Return to the Violence of the Ocean Floor”

  • (32:45 – 39:58)
  • from Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped (Jagjaguwar; 2011)
  • moonface.ca

10. Roll the Dice: “Idle Hands”

11. Danielson: “Olympic Portions”

  • (42:46 – 47:55)
  • from The Best 4of Gloucester County (Sounds Familyre; 2011)
  • danielson.info

12. Alexander Tucker: “Atomized”

Cover art source: Mark Weaver: “Owl Eyes”