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By Scott Reid | 12 October 2011

First, an update to the ’80s Fantasy Covers Podcast situation: it’s coming. Soon. Less one song that we really, really wanted to use and then had to cut for awful and soul-crushing reasons, but…whatever. Ugh. It’s been a rough few weeks.

To be more exact, we’ll be posting The ’80s, Part One on Monday, October 31st. (You can hear/download three of the tracks now, if you’d like. They’re quite good.) With a new cover included that originally wouldn’t have been, on account of us having to remove one song for, again, totally dogshit reasons. Which…let me just say: were those dogshit reasons a person, which they are not, we would probably run them over with a car. Or, like, a rented van the entire CMG staff could all fit in at once. And we’re normally very nice people. Ask our moms.

Anyway. With love to all of the artists and labels involved, please enjoy this silver lining, a podcast that would almost certainly have never existed had we not been forced to delay the ’80s Fantasycast by tremendous assholes that may or may not be tangentially related to both Say Anything and Never Mind the Bollocks (1977):

Download mp3 (192kbps)

Cover jpeg


1. Zammuto: “F U C-3PO”

2. Deerhoof: “Secret Mobilization”

3. Eleanor Friedberger: “One Month Marathon”

4. Roommate: “Flicker Flame”

5. Rich Aucoin: “Being in Need of Something” / “We Must Imagine Sisyphus/Ourselves Happy”

  • (14:12 – 17:23)_
  • from We’re All Dying to Live (Sonic; 2011)
  • richaucoin.ca

6. tUnE-yArDs: “Riotriot”

7. Psychedelic Horseshit: “Tropical Vision”

8. James Blake: “We Might Feel Unsound”

9. High Places: “The Pull”

10. My Brightest Diamond: “Reaching to the Other Side”

11. Ponytail: “Tush”

12. EMA: “The Grey Ship”

  • (40:14 – 47:24)_
  • from Past Life Martyred Saints (Souterrain Transmissions; 2011)
  • cameouttanowhere.com

Cover art source: Collage by Beth Hoeckel