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By Brian Riewer | 25 October 2011

With the utmost gratitude towards the labels and artists involved, this podcast is dedicated to the dying smoke detector hidden away in my apartment. For the last few weeks the smoke detector in question has been squealing at us from behind a wall or through another dimension—either way, planes we mere mortal tenants cannot cross—warning us day and night of the dangers a dead battery poses. Clearly valuing our physical health over our mental health, the vile thing has made every part of our days a stress-inducing chore and thus necessitated the creation of this podcast. Filled with the most stress-free, tranquil music released in 2011, it’s a full-on elixir of the most laid-back jams that science and witchcraft can offer. And when you’d rather be set on fire than listen to the object that is supposed to save you from one, it’s just what the doctor/shaman ordered.

So come, get a tight grip on what remains of your sanity with this week’s podcast:

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Cover jpeg


1. Twin Sister: “Stop”

2. Wild Beasts: “Deeper”

3. Vondelpark: “Hipbone”

  • (6:57 – 11:11)
  • from nyc stuff and nyc bags EP (R&S; 2011)
  • vndlprk.co.uk

4. Curren$y: “J.O.B.”

5. Timber Timbre: “Lonesome Hunter”

  • (15:19 – 19:57)
  • from Creep On Creepin’ On (Arts & Crafts; 2011)
  • timbertimbre.com

6. The Luyas: “Spherical Mattress”

7. Panda Bear: “Last Night at the Jetty”

8. Angel Olsen: “Drunk and With Dreams”

9. Bill Callahan: “Free’s”

10. Hauschka: “No Sleep”

11. Bibio: “Saint Christopher”

12. Alexandre Navarro: “Debut”

Cover art source: http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/camel-thorn-trees-namibia