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By Scott Reid | 6 February 2012

Art: Ben Giles, Marriage

All I ask of you when listening to CMG podcast #110—my personal soundtrack to the first week of Halifax’s transit strike, so you know this one’s cheery; the really beautiful Julianna Barwick track at the end syncs up with the exact point my legs go totally numb when walking home from work, in Nova Scotia in fucking February—is that you do so on something with ridiculous, massive bass. A car or home stereo system with more subs than speakers, preferably, though even a decent pair of headphones will do; just max out everything on the left half of your EQ, up the volume to maximum annoying-the-living-shit-out-of-anyone-in-your-radius levels, press play, and, with thanks to all of the artists involved in this podcast, enjoy all that follows.

Now excuse me while I go boil my legs back to life.

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1. Yamantaka // Sonic Titan: “Hoshi Neko”

2. Miila & the Geeks: “New Age”

3. Love and Hates: “Party Trash”

4. Ruins Alone: “Ahftsivespha [intro]” / “Glaschenk”

5. Lindstrom: “No Release”

  • (14:58 – 20:11)
  • from Six Cups of Rebel (Smalltown Supersound; 2012)
  • feedelity.com

6. Gonjasufi: “Nikels and Dimes”

7. The Caretaker: “A Last Glimpse of the Land Being Lost Forever”

  • (24:03 – 26:54)
  • from Patience (After Sebald) (History Always Favours the Winners; 2012)

8. Nicolas Jaar: “And I Say (f/ Scout LaRue and Will Epstein)”

9. Grimes: “Genesis”

10. Sean Nicholas Savage: “You Changed Me”

11. Jacaszek: “Dare-gale”

  • (38:08 – 43:40)
  • from Glimmer (Ghostly International; 2011)
  • jacaszek.com

12. Julianna Barwick: “Never Change”