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By Scott Reid | 27 February 2012

Art: Derek M Ballard’s You Will All Die in Pain

Podcast #111—your standard late-winter mix of rock, dark ambient, electronic, jazz, hip-hop, whatever it is Dustin Wong does, and Green Ova—is dedicated to the shockingly accurate search results for CMG on Googlism: the one site on the entire internet able to perfectly distill us down into a series of hard, tweet-able facts. You’d think it’d just shit out a series of non sequiturs that’d be useful as a quick joke only, but hey—the results speak for themselves. Nailed us:

  • cmg is in the business of representing living and deceased celebrities and the heirs
  • cmg is a world
  • cmg is exceptionally equipped to design e
  • cmg is anxious to stress that its first aim is to get as close to the market as possible
  • cmg is a pure internet play
  • cmg is a companion to the state of texas procurement manual
  • cmg is being treated as an “event”
  • cmg is an innovator of long
  • cmg is already the world leader in short
  • cmg is sap
  • cmg is a perfect example of how to deliver best
  • cmg is well
  • cmg is the nursing staff
  • cmg is dead
  • cmg is supported by the tilt motor

And how!

So, with thanks to all of the artists involved in this podcast, to Googlism for so correctly defining us in bulletpoint form, and as always to our sponsor the tilt motor, enjoy:

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1. Pop. 1280: “Bodies in the Dunes”

2. Tu Fawning: “Bones”

  • (4:38 – 11:30)
  • from A Monument (City Slang; 2012)
  • tufawning.com

3. Blackout Beach: “Mt Harsh” / “Pink Helicopters”

4. Frankie Rose: “Interstellar”

5. Dustin Wong: “Ice Sheets on Feet Prints”

6. Mouse on Mars: “Gearknot Cherry”

7. Battles: “White Electric (Shabazz Palaces remix)”

8. Friendzone: “!!-MAJOR

9. MondreM.A.N.: “Fancy”

9.5. Water Liars: “C.H.W. [edit]”

10. Lilacs & Champagne: “Battling the City”

11. Shlohmo: “Wen Uuu (Teebs Remix)”

12. Gultskra Artikler: “Glaznoe Dno Morskogo Chudisha” / “Pobochnoe Deistvie”

13. Matana Roberts: “Lulla / Bye”

  • (46:53 – 52:41)
  • from COIN COIN Chapter One: Gens de couleur libres (Constellation; 2011)
  • matanaroberts.com