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By Scott Reid | 26 March 2012

Art: child of the mountains / Killer Robot via thesomewhatambitious.com

With thanks again to all of the artists and labels involved, I give you CMG podcast #113: a spring kick-off mix tailor-made for whatever it is our average reader does this time of year. Pulling consecutive all-nighters to finish papers you’ve been putting off since January? Traveling for hours to yet another fucking destination wedding, goddamnit? Biking to and from a job you feel more and more suffocated by every second? Just stoned? You’re all covered.

More importantly, this podcast is dedicated to the Cokemachineglow Tumblr—or, rather, a friendly reminder that it still exists and, yes, despite concern from most of our staff, is still run by the sentient robot we secretly developed in and keep contained to the basement of the CMG mansion. Is it cruel that we lock it away in the boiler-slash-gun room? Who’s to say. Do you know a better way to give our readers a steady feed of ’90s rap videos and pictures of Mike Love looking like a douche? Because I’d love to hear it.

Besides, if you ask me it looks like it’s having a great time down there, Tumblring and cleaning our many guns all day long. That said, I’m willing to put its fate in your hands: if you help us double our number of Tumblr followers by April 1st—its, um “birthday,” on which last year it did nothing but post live versions of “Dress Rehearsal Rag” and violently weep—we’ll set it free, free to vent all that pent-up rage on everyone who who didn’t reblog the “Apollo Kids” video that one time. As thanks in advance for making this decision for us, enjoy:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

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1. El-P: “The Full Retard”

2. Black Dice: “Pigs”

  • (3:40 – 7:02)
  • from Mr. Impossible (Ribbon Music; 2012)
  • blackdice.net

3. AU: “Epic”

  • (7:03 – 10:59)
  • from Both Lights (The Leaf Label; 2012)
  • au-au-au.com

4. The Men: “Please Don’t Go Away”

5. Lilacs & Champagne: “Everyone, Everywhere”

6. Babe Rainbow f/ Yung Clova: “Greed (CFCF remix)”

7. Lee Fields & the Expressions: “Faithful Man”

8. Curren$y: “#CruiseLife”

9. Roc Marciano: “Poltergeist”

10. Raekwon: “A Pinebox Story”

11. THEESatisfaction: “Do You Have Time”

12. Garbage Man: “Get Away Clean”

13. Korallreven: “Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics remix)”

14. Danny Brown: “Grown Up”

15. Schoolboy Q: “Blessed”

16. Balam Acab: “Just Stay”