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By Scott Reid | 9 April 2012

Art: David Bayus, via Lion Skeleton

With many thanks to all of the artists involved—and an especially choked-up nod to Pop Winds (R.I.P.) for letting us use a song from their final record Earth to Friend, out on Arbutus Records this weekCMG Podcast #114 is dedicated to some long-promised details about our new Fantasy Covers podcast, The ’80s Part Two.

First, there’s finally a date: Monday, April 30th. That’s plenty of advance notice to cancel any plans, exams, and/or major surgeries that used to matter. Supposed to be presenting your thesis that day? Bring this podcast instead. Still early enough in the year that you have some sick days saved up at work? Start practicing your fake cough now; maybe hit up some clinics, go full-method. Because, shit, we’ve got all kinds of great artists covering songs by Elvis Costello/Robert Wyatt, Sparks, the Replacements, Devo, Paul Simon, This Heat, Talking Heads, Janet Jackson, Peter Gabriel, Opal, and many more. You can already hear Rae Spoon’s cover on our Soundcloud page, and we’ll be posting A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s cover of the B52’s “Deadbeat Club” next week.

In the meantime, we’re still very much looking for cover artwork—more info on that here. Deadline for submissions is now Monday, April 23rd. As thanks in advance, here’s a mix crafted specifically to inspire podcast art greatness and/or to celebrate not having to stress over that pesky dissertation, or organ transplant, a day longer:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

Cover jpeg


1. Each Other: “Looking Lapsed” / “Traces to Nowhere”

2. Pop Winds: “Sunlight”

3. Grass Widow: “Goldilocks Zone”

4. La Sera: “Break My Heart”

5. Hospitality: “Sleepover”

6. Beach House: “Myth”

7. Lower Dens: “Propagation”

  • (23:35 – 28:16)
  • from Nootropics (Ribbon Music; 2012)
  • lowerdens.com

8. Moonface: “Headed for the Door”

  • (28:17 – 35:53)
  • from Heartbreaking Bravery (Jagjaguwar; 2012)
  • moonface.ca

9. Sharon Van Etten: “Give Out”

10. Horse Feathers: “Fit Against the Country”

11. Mirrorring: “Silent From Above”

  • (43:39 – 48:37)
  • from Foreign Body (Kranky; 2012)
  • kranky.net/

12. Ned Collette + Wirewalker: “Happy Heart”

  • (48:38 – 50:27)
  • from Ned Collette + Wirewalker 2 (Remote Control; 2012)
  • nedcollette.com/