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By Scott Reid | 29 June 2012

Art: “If You Love Me”, Holly Chastain

Because nothing says “happy Canada day, Canadians!” like a mix of almost exclusively American rap, we give you CMG podcast #119: the dopest 145th birthday soundtrack ever.

If you’d like to hear more than one Canadian artist after this podcast becomes your weekend go-to, don’t fret: our Tumblr will be picking up the slack through Monday, starting with a gorgeous track from Jim Guthrie’s underrated Sword & Sworcery soundtrack and ending with…fuck, I don’t know, Carey Mercer probably? It’s a good bet.

We’ll also be collecting some of the best Canadian content we’ve posted on our Tumblr here: http://cokemachineglow.tumblr.com/tagged/CD2012.

Before tackling all that, though, please enjoy some of the best rap the first half of 2012 has to offer, plus a great new Liars track mostly because I love how in the beginning it sounds like they’re throwing in some “hey“s with Main Attrakionz. Oh, and also if you want to really impress your guests, be sure to time your fireworks to kick in at about ~21:16. POW MOTHERFUCKER:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

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1. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib: “Later That Night”/“Terrorist”

2. Joey Bada$$: “Killuminati (f/ Capital STEEZ)”

3. Clams Casino: “Cold Feet (instrumental)”

4. The Alchemist: “Flight Confirmation (f/ Danny Brown & ScHoolboy Q)”

5. SpaceGhostPurpp: “Osiris of the East”

6. Haleek Maul: “88”

7. Ab-Soul: “Terrorist Threats (f/ Danny Brown)”

8. Killer Mike: “Big Beast (f/ Bun B, T.I., & Trouble)”

9. Big K.R.I.T.: “Pull Up (f/ Big Sant & Bun B)”

  • (24:47 – 28:45)
  • from Live from the Underground (Cinematic Music Group/Def Jam; 2012)
  • bigkrit.com

10. Oneohtrix Point Never: “Replica (Matmos edit)”

  • (28:46 – 32:25)
  • from Dog in the Fog EP (Software; 2012)
  • pointnever.com

11. Main Attrakionz: “Women We Chase (prod. Friendzone)”

12. Liars: “A Ring on Every Finger”

13. Purity Ring: “Fineshrine”

14. Laurel Halo: “MK Ultra”