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By Scott Reid | 29 May 2012

Art: http://c0ncreat.tumblr.com/

What better way to return from the month-long hijacking of our podcast section, by the still plump-with-baby-fat and ridiculously dope The ’80s Part Two, than with this: a 40-odd minute ode to the beginning of summer, and, if you’re like me, all the gratuitous sweating the season promises. It’s also dedicated to something not gross—an alternate version of one of the best tracks off our newest Fantasy Covers comp:

If, somehow, all this isn’t enough, if after our weeks-long break you’re jonesing for something a little more mid-summery and rap-y, maybe seek out our recent Tumblr-only podcast #116. Though by this point you can only find it deep in the Internet’s darkest, scariest, most cavernous forests, which are lousy with riddling trolls. (Or you could Google “CMG Tumblr podcast CXVI.” Whatever.) Please note that if you download that mix without also following us on Tumblr, you are an asshole. This is non-negotiable.

Luckily, this podcast is also dedicated to assholes! So gather ‘round, invite every dick and douche that you have to deal with often enough to have their contact info on your phone; maybe dig deep and go Facebook-mining for that kid from grade school who farted on your lunch that one time. (Fuck you forever, Leon.) Leave some rancid meat out overnight for ambiance, pass around some flat, heated beer and a joint rolled with nothing but thorny stems, and enjoy:

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1. Doldrums: “Jump Up”

2. Elite Gymnastics: “Life/Trap”

3. Here We Go Magic: “I Believe in Action”

4. Mesita: “You or the City”

5. Led Er Est: “Divided Parallel”

  • (18:52 – 21:47)
  • from The Diver (Sacred Bones; 2012)
  • lederest.com

6. AU: “Get Alive”

  • (21:48 – 25:00)
  • from Both Lights (Leaf/Hometapes; 2012)
  • au-au-au.com

7. Ramona Falls: “Divide by Zero”

8. The Walkmen: “We Can’t Be Beat”

9. James Blackshaw: “Her Smoke Rose Up Forever”

10. Amanda Jo Williams: “Come or Go”