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By Scott Reid | 12 June 2012

Art: http://seventees.tumblr.com

If for no other reason than summer sometimes needing all the goddamn help it can get, CMG podcast #118 is dedicated to the biggest pick-me-up we can muster—an entire summer’s worth of choice Beach Boys videos/songs/pictures/quotes/solo material/SMiLE sessions from our Tumblr: http://cokemachineglow.tumblr.com/tagged/beach+boys+wednesdays. If you start today you could probably marathon that shit all the way through to the end by September-ish. Before leaves start falling, anyway. Godspeed.

But first, before diving into hours upon hours of reasons to feel great about the world (but also weep even harder about That’s Why God Made the Radio), with thanks to all of the artists involved, enjoy 40 minutes of great new music that has nothing whatsoever to do with the Beach Boys, I promise:

Download mp3 (192kbps)

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1. The Intelligence: “Dim Limelights”

2. Each Other: “Sit Still”

3. Grass Widow: “Whistling in the Dark”

4. Eddie Shrader’s Music Beat: “When I’m in the Car”

5. Micachu & the Shapes: “OK”

  • (11:08 – 14:30)
  • from Never (Rough Trade; 2012)
  • micachu.biz

6. Liars: “Octagon”

7. Robag Wruhme: “Brumby Kapell”

  • (19:06 – 27:08)
  • from Leistenhans Zwo EP (Musik Krause; 2012)
  • robag.fm

8. Laetitia Sadier: “Find Me the Pulse of the Universe”

9. OMBRE: “Cara Falsa”

10. Skywlkr: “Chandelier [instrumental]”

11. J Dilla: “Jay Dee’s Revenge (f/ Danny Brown)”

12. Clams Casino: “Angels [instrumental]”