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By Scott Reid | 23 July 2012

Art: http://whatdaheart.tumblr.com/post/23667027434

While this isn’t even close to being the most indulgent CMG podcast ever (an entire Strawberry Shortcake story-vinyl? Edgar White telling us to go fuck ourselves for 62 minutes? Take your pick), there’s really not one activity #120 going to be a fitting soundtrack for, especially not sober or during daytime hours. You could, like, jog to it, I guess, technically. Know a path that dips in and out of some haunted woods? Go at midnight, don’t bring a flashlight.

Not a fan of chopped-up vocals or corny lyrics? This podcast does not care. It will stuff you full of them. Some of it would absolutely destroy at a party, assuming it’s not a shitty party; some of it can only properly terrify you with headphones and the last of your summer festival stash. (The quality of both of these is also very important.) One second it’ll be all “nothing can take you away from me,” the next it’s repeating “you weigh me down” and “no longer!” dozens and dozens of times over stabby drums.

It’s a give and take, I guess is what I’m saying, in turns both the giddy high and the absolute horrorshow of a comedown. New bangers from Lone, Disclosure, and Kahn, plus some of the best few minutes from Shackleton’s immense Music for the Quiet Hour? Check. A two-year-old slow jam from Mount Kimbie, squealing bits of Pauline Oliveros’ appropriately titled “Mind Bog,” and what at one point sounds like burning alive while tripping balls at an antique instrument fair? Just go with it:

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1. Hot Chip: “Flutes”

2. Old Apparatus: “Dealow [excerpt]”

3. Pauline Oliveros: “Mind Bog [excerpt]”

4. Mount Kimbie: “Carbonated”

5. Disclosure: “Control”

6. Lorn: “Weigh Me Down”

7. Shackleton: “Music for the Quiet Hour Pt. 2 [excerpt]”

  • (19:14 – 24:47)
  • from Music for the Quiet Hour (Woe to the Septic Heart; 2012)

8. Gultskra Artikler: “Daesh Uglya”

9. Laurel Halo: “Joy”

10. Pauline Oliveros: “Mind Bog [excerpt]”

11. Lone: “Crystal Caverns 1991”

12. Kahn: “Angeles”

  • (36:33 – 40:32)
  • from Angeles 12” (Soul Motive White; 2012)

13. Nguzunguzu: “No Longer”

14. Pauline Oliveros: “Mind Bog [excerpt]”

15. Actress: “Caves of Paradise”

  • (44:13 – 48:23)
  • from R.I.P. (Honest Jon’s; 2012)

16. Two Inch Punch: “Paint It Red”

17. Peaking Lights: “Morning Star”

  • (52:01 – 53:33)
  • from Lucifer (Mexican Summer/Weird World; 2012)
  • peakinglights.com