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By Scott Reid | 12 July 2013

Art: Oxane, The Infinite Fragmented Datawaves of Oxane

This much more summer-y podcast, which arrives just in time to help you either deal with or put off dealing with whatever horseshit July has been slinging at you, is dedicated to the newest members of the Glow fam: Corey Beasley (@coreybeasley), Robin Smith (@dumbcharger), and Adam Downer (@getdowner). All three are currently getting well accustomed to the darkroom in the basement of the CMG mansion, as well as our large assortment of painkillers, after…well. Let me explain.

To pull back the curtain a little, the first two steps of our mandatory staff “initiation” are 1) surprise tattoos, and 2) being blindfolded to-and-from the CMG mansion for a while. You know, in case things don’t work out, or if someone tries to steal some of our towels (we have very nice towels), we have to keep the location a secret. But having grown bored with—and concerned about the effectiveness of—our old blindfolds, I decided for a different tact this time: a bucket of currently-illegal-but-supposedly-only-because-of-red-tape-or-something ointment-y glop that had come highly recommended from our mansion’s pastry chef, Greasy Ron. (He prefers just “Ron.”) “They won’t be able to see shit, and no permanent damage, I can guar-un-tee you that,” he had awkwardly assured me, his last few words painfully inflected to imitate one-off Simpsons character Big Daddy, for some fucking reason or another:

He was right about the first part, anyway—though as it turns out you aren’t supposed to use the whole bucket at once. Also, it’s supposed to be heavily diluted. Heavily! Says it right there on the lid, had I bothered to read it. What does a lid know, I thought. Honest mistake. Lesson learned.

So things turned out just fine, really; Greasy and I had a good laugh about it over some profiteroles, and those guys will regain most of their eyesight in a few days, probably. No need to be jealous, though: good times like these could also be yours! We’re still very much looking for talented writers, especially if you write about hip-hop, out, and/or electronic. Come, be part of the proud few who finally learn what, exactly, makes them “surprise” tattoos. Is it the design? The placement? The timing? The…smell? I’ve said too much.

To apply just e-mail us at writerapp@cokemachineglow.com a couple of lists—first, your favorite ten or so of this decade, second, your favorite ten or so of this year so far. Let us know roughly what you’re looking to do: records, tracks, features, all of the above. Attach some examples of your writing and an introductory cover letter and we’ll be in touch if we’re interested.

With thanks to all of the artists involved—and a get-well-soon to the new blood; again, my bad—enjoy this mix as you get that get that application fixed up just right, safe in the knowledge that your blindfold-glop will at least be properly diluted, if things go well:

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1. Jenny Hval: “The Seer”

2. Mount Kimbie: “Fall Out (edit)”/“Break Wall”

  • (3:15 – 7:00)
  • from Cold Spring Fault Less Youth (Warp; 2013)
  • mountkimbie.com

3. Austra: “I Don’t Care (I’m a Man)”

4. Ikonika: “Beach Mode (Keep It Simple) (f/ Jessy Lanza)”

5. Rhye: “Hunger”

  • (12:13 – 15:38)
  • from Woman (Republic/Innovative Leisure/Loma Vista; 2013)
  • rhyemusic.com

6. Classixx: “Borderline”

  • (15:39 – 19:49)
  • from Hanging Garden (Innovative Leisure; 2013)
  • classixx.la

7. Kingdom: “Zip Line”

8. Skywlkr: “Ahhhfcuk”

9. Run the Jewels: “Sea Legs”

10. Danny Brown: “#HottestMC”

11. Gold Panda: “An English House”

  • (30:29 – 34:44)
  • from Half of Where You Live (Ghostly; 2013)
  • iamgoldpanda.com

12. Vondelpark: “California Analog Dream (Robag Wruhme’s Moppa Habax NB)”

13. Jacques Greene: “Quicksand”

14. John Talabot: “So Will Be Now (f/ Pional) [Album version]”